Wednesday, 1 February 2012


We started to film today in Worcester. Our performer was about half an hour late but luckily he told us in advance so we didn't waste any time. While we were waiting for him we organised which locations to visit first and with which outfits, this allowed us to be more organised with our time.
When he arrived we started straight away. We played the music from my phone so that it wasn't too loud to distract the public but loud enough to be heard by the musician. We went to lots of different locations and did even more varied shots which meant if we having any gaps when editing we have stuff to put in. Overall i think the filming went really well and we finished quicker than expected.
We didn't think the filming would go well as we had never experienced this before or ever attempted it at this level, so overall we were really happy with it and gained lots of confidence for when completing the rest of the video.

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