Friday, 30 September 2011

50 Cent

1) How does the visuals respond to the music?

- Chorus he is alone.
- Versus is always with woman.
- Start is creepy looking to match the music, car is brightly coloured showing opposite.
- Music as he enters the brightly coloured house from the dark and creepy is like fairytale- entering his 'dream'
- String instruments middle east music?
- Images cut to the beat of the song.

2) To what extent does it follow a narrative?
- Brothel, loads of woman.
- Dream
- Male fantasy

3) What kind of image is the star presenting
- Stereotypical gangster
- Fur coat, trainers, his own brand: advertising
- Surrounded by woman
- He trying to appeal to woman when rips shirt off.

4) How are cinematography, mise en scene, editing used in the video- are there any significant features worthy of comment and why are they used?
- Jump cuts with beats
- Reaction shots of his point
- Man is dominantated
- Slow motion shows woman more sexual
- Mid close up of woman, panning (shows male view)
- Long shot & close up of rapper as shows off his clothing and makes it the most important thing.

5) Is the video literal, disjunctive or amplifying- give reasons throughout.
- Mostly amplified. Singing about a candy shop and not in a candy shop.
- Layered woman are sweets?
- However contains illustration- singing about a doctor woman wearing a doctors outfit.
-Also contains disjunction which is the drive through shown at the end.

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin identifies 5 key aspects of music videos that we the audience should look out for which are:

. Synthesia (Seeing the sound)
Understanding the music and transferring that into visuals.

. Narrative and Performance
The idea that the artist is telling the story throughout the video. It will increase the realistic idea of the video increasing the chances of creativity and understandability from the audience. 

. The Star Image
Voyeurism creates the males gaze and plays an important role in the target audience.
It also allows the audience to create a picture of the artist and there own official look.

. Relation of Visuals to Song
Showing there is a relationship between the lyrics, and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or being disjunctive towards the music. 

. Technical Aspects of Music Video
There will be use of multiple closeups of the artist singing into the camera as if s/he were talking to the audience as well as the use of lip syncing. 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Friday, 23 September 2011

Post Production digital Technology

We used the same software as AS media when editing and creating our blog. Because of this I was fairly used to it. I did learn a few new things in premiere pro. This was how to zoom in on our video so we could match the video up exactly with the music.

 Premiere Pro- Screen shot of me editing the music so it matched up

Premiere Pro- used for editing

Youtube- used for uploading our video so could add it to the blog

Blogger- To create our blog

Piant- Create my Screen Shots

All of these technologies are very useful to allow me to complete my blog.

Busted Production Digital Technology

When filming we only used a few types of technology.

Camera- to record our footage on.

Projector- So we could create the same look in the video.

Busted Pre Production Digital Technology

We used the same digital technology as I previously used in my As level. this meant I was familiar with the settings and how to use everything.
Below are screen shots of the type of technology I used for my pre production. Mainly the technology we used for researching.

Youtube- We used this to research the video multiple times. We also used this when creating our storyboard.

Photoshop- We used this with a blank template to create our storyboard.

Microsoft word- We used this a lot when creating risk assessments and writing up any important information.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Busted Production

When we filmed the video i believed it went ok. We filmed on the friday however this footage was lost and was forced to re film the following monday. This was a big drawback as we wasted time re filming that could have been spent editing the footage. However the rest of the shoot went very well and we managed to get all the shots needed. In the future we will make sure the footage is saved in a place thats easy to access and is saved all the time. This wil benefit us greatly.
When filming our video i was a little disappointed with being an actor because i wanted to do the filming however when filming started i soon got into the actor flow and had a great time.  It was a good experience and i now have a video to show my actors for when they help me.

Screen shot shows options where we could save the footage and documents. We needed to save it in the student data(D:) folder as this would always keep the files. 

Busted Production

From AS i learnt a lot about the use of technology and how it benefits me. The use of the cameras i was used to and knew which shots were best used, however in this task the camera angles weren't such a problem as we were copying the original and didn't need to be as creative.
I remembered how to use Premiere Pro very well just a few bits that needed recapping like exporting the final product and editing the sound. I found it hard at times to match the MP3 up with the moving footage but this was soon solved by changing the speed of the footage to either faster or slower. Towards the end of my video i got a little stressed because my music kept cutting out in places. I tried everything to solve this but didn't understand why. I spoke to my teacher and he said it was something to do the the file rather than my video and that when uploaded its fine.
Youtube was more of a problem this time round because i kept receiving emails from youtube when videos were uploaded about my videos not being copyright. I assumed this was because of the music over the top however my uploads were still available so didn't really affect me much.

This screen shot (left) shows me editing and moving the music so that I can match it up with the footage.

This screen shot (right) shows a window of me exporting the video.

Research and planning

When we start our main music video i will remember to do more planning in detail. i think if we had the time we could have achieved this more in the preliminary task.
I will be sure to make:

A storyboard- even a moving storyboard(video)
A risk assessment
A prop list
A location plan
Shooting script
A list on potential actors

Busted prop List- Research and planning

School Uniforms (Shirt and ties, people can bring those in and use their own)
Guitars x 3 (Group is making card cut outs)
Pencils and books (People can get these themselves or we can borrow them from College)
Projector + footage (Projector is in College classroom, footage can be screen printed from music video or download from the Internet)
Students (We can find these at College)
Shirt and Tie for the teacher (Charlie bringing this in)

This list was created by another member of the group. its a prop list showing all the things we will be needing. I think it could have been in more detail as we needed props for background to make it look the same as the video. We will be sure to do this in the official music video.

Busted Risk Assessment- Research and planning



DEPARTMENT: Media/English  (Media/Film Studies)




Tripping over cables/chairs/bags/tripods

Ensure that all floor is clear before filming, with all cables bags and chairs tucked away.

Light from the projector dazzling people

Don’t let anyone stand in close immediate proximity to the projector

People falling over after band members ‘pushing to the front of class’

Make sure no furniture is directly in the way of where someone is pushed.

Falling over the pencil that is dropped on the floor

Make sure to keep a look out for cars and to film in a place that many cars aren’t in/ can’t get to

Being run over or hit by the cars in the car park

Watch were the pencil falls, and avoid treading on it.

Slipping over in puddles outside

If it has been raining, film in a place with the less puddles, and make sure the jumps in the air with the guitars aren’t right into them.

During the filming Megan will be responsible for checking risks.


Busted shotlist-research and planning

When doing oyur filming i thought the shotlist was the most useful piece of planning we did because it showed us what order to do the shots in so we didnt have to move the camera unnecessarily. Our shotlist for the practise is very simple. We labeled each of the pictures on the story board and so when we created the shotlist we just wrote down the numbers. When filming our main video i think it will be better to do the shotlist in more detail.
Above is the shotlist which i scanned into the computer.

Busted Storyboard

Below I have included our storyboard. This is an exact replica from the official busted-what I go to school for video. I helped Katie doing this because I knew about Photoshop from experience with photography which helped speed along the process and allow us to be available for other jobs. At first it was a very long winded job as we had to screen shot from the you-tube video and then input onto a blank template. The quality of the video isn't too good but for our practise I think this is OK.


For our media A2 coursework we studying music videos and lip syncing. The first video posted was a practise video we did. this video is very basic and doesn't have any shot changes in it. This was just for us to learn the ropes of lip syncing. Myself and Megan decided to Rihanna and Jay-z -Umbrella with me raping because i wanted the challenge of learning the words. Because we both knew the words so well the lip syncing was an easy part as the music was pretty much accurate to us. I am really happy with the outcome of that video.

Our second task was to lip sync and create an identical video to busted-' what I go to school for'. Here we were split intro groups and all had designated tasks in which we would then share between the group so that no body was doing the same tasks as everyone else and wasting time. At first I was a bit worried about this because I didn't really understand how you match up the lip syncing when having different shots. However I soon realised what had to be done through my planning and research.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Practise Lip Sync

Below is my video for our practise of the lip sync. Megan and myself chose to lip sync to Rihanna's umbrella. At the start I was a little unsure about doing the jay-z part as it was very difficult to learn to the lyrics to this fast past rhythm. However when filming it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and in the final product we managed to lip sync it up.
When watching this video over, my part as Jay-z doesn't look as good as Megan's part- Rihanna. I think this may be due to the fact of different genders not matching up with the voice. At times I also think my lip sync was a little bit out but Megan couldn't notice this so decided to leave it.
When we do the real and final video we will have to make sure the lip sync is perfect by zooming in on the video. When editing we will take more care as we will have more time and there will be more camera shots showing emotion and creating the story.
Overall I think it went very well and I learned lots about the technique of lip syncing.