Friday, 9 December 2011

Research and Planning- Pre Video Shots

II have decided to watch several rap video again to estimately (as difficult to count that fast) count the shots in the entire video to allow us to relate to this. This will help us plan further.

99 Problems - Jay Z
0-1 minutes: 79
1-2 minutes: 80
2-3minutes: 80
3+ minutes: 109

Total of 348 shots in the 4.16 minutes video.

Eminem- Love the way you lie
0-1 minutes: 39
1-2 minutes: 44
2-3 minutes: 37
3+ minutes: 50

Total of 170 shots in the 4.27 minutes video.
I noticed in this video that its a lot slower in changing shots when the female is singing.

Kanye West- All of the Lights
0-1 minutes: 14
1-2 minutes: 95
2-3 minutes: 48
3+ minutes: 156

total of 313 shots in the 5.28 minutes video.
I realised that when the video was jump cutting to the lryics is made a lot of shots hence there being alot more in 1-2 & 3+.

Doing this has given us a detailed look into the number of shots needed allowing us to plan our shots in more detail.

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