Sunday, 6 November 2011

Eminem Digipak

After looking at one Digipak not from my genre i decided it was more worth my time to look into digpaks from the rap genre. 

Eminem Recovery

Front cover

lamp posts
rule of thirds-left
yellow line
record label 
long shot
grey sky
dark/grey atmosphere

With the outside urban landscape look it connotes the idea of rap 'being on the streets' very well. The dark grey atmosphere of the image creates this mysterious and sad feel of the album matching that of the name 'recovery'.  The clothes connote the stereotypical view of rap artists wearing hoodys. At the bottom right corner the logo shows there is swearing in the album will appeal to those interesting in the language. Mirrored at the top right is the name of the album. Putting both names on the right allows the left side to connote the artist alone. With the artist positioned on the left of the cover the rule of thirds connote him to being important but also the mise en scene as an important role. The fact the yellow line is positioned also to the left connotes that he is walking beside this line showing a journey he is taking. Connoting the name recovery meaning a journey as well as a literal recovery resulting in an entropy and redundant cover.


recovery title name
Living room set up
glass walls
wires for TV
middle screen
books in living room
lots of detail
cartoon feel
city landscape- suburbs
entropy- don't expect living room outside city

The inside of the album tries to connote the same as the front. The idea that its set in an urban landscape creates a redundant cover as you expect him to be positioned within a city. However the entropy comes from the living room positioned outside on the outskirts of the city. The recovery title once again positioned on the right connotes the importance of the name and the reminder to the audience the title. The living room positioned in the middle of the frame with a long shot shows the surrounding area but the importance of the living room. There is great detail in the picture as even the wires from the television are shown connoting the realistic atmosphere. 


detail of album name-repeated throughout to remind people
detail of symbols
small writing round edge of CD about copyright
same symbol than that on all panels of recovery
recovery name-suggesting first aid etc.
redundancy- first aid you'd expect that symbol. 

The CD being the most basic part of the album still connotes a big part of the artist. The white cross connotes aid linking in with the album name of recovery. The white cross and Red background is known to be for first aid in most international countries. Using this connotes that his album is a recovery of himself or his music. Along with most other CDs there is a copyright band along the bottom of the CD as well as the label symbols to warn people as well as give them information about who owns eminem. Despite the idea being redundant it also adds an element of entropy because of the name meaning other things than first aid. 


City landscape
bar code
symbols repeated that were on CD
advertising of enimen in background-building board
looks like sitting in living room
different background
entropy- don't expect living room set up in city outside
traffic lights red- traffic jams
redundant you'd expect city to look like that. 
detail of website.
Small writing down side.

The back relates to the other panels very well more so to the inside panel. Once again  the city landscape is connoted to the idea of rap being on the streets. There is great detail into the city landscape. The use of red traffic lights connotes the busyness and traffic that will be found in the city making it redundant. However when looking closer at where the artist is sitting we realise that its the same setup from the inside panel. Connoting a story or a time-lapse. If you look closely you can see that this scenery is the same as the inside panel but from a different view. Showing you different views of the living room. This is once again a entropic themed cover.
The barcode situated on the right hand side is lined with the symbols of labels and producers. Very small there is a website address for Eminem which is surrounded by the names of the songs. Colours connoting the theme of recovery shown through out the album. With all the important information at the bottom it allows the picture to still play an important role as its visible to the audience connoting that the story is important. 

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