Friday, 9 March 2012

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

We undertook different ways in order to get a good understanding of our audince and their views. We first of all posted the video to facebook and asked questions to our target audience. This way is very simple but allows us to get the information. Below are the screen shots of the facebook comments.

When we got the facebook comments we were very pleased with them as they were all positive. However we thought that this wasnt a very good way of getting feedback because we could push them to give us negative comments. We didnt really have the power to control the extent of the message. Despite this we are very happy with these comments. We noticed from these results that the black and white effect was most popular with the audience as well as the scenery as this gave off the correct vibe.

We then played the video to the class and got them to write down any of their views both good and bad. Below are the scan ins on the comments.

From this we realised that some people thought the dancers location was very random and wanted her to be more established in the worcester area. Despite this we actually filmed it in the same location as the other male singer. The also thought she didn't really play a big part in the video. We could have changed this by adding more shots of her within the video and taken out some of the lip-sync. Our audience also pointed out that part of the video (towards last bridge) was a little bit out of sync. If we had more time we could have changed this as it wouldn't have taken long to edit. Once again the black and white effect was very appreciated with the audience as well as the locations. We are glad these were appreciated because we wanted to create this constant theme throughout. 

After doing all this we decided it was a good idea to film various people watching the video and then film their response to some questions. We thought this was more of a good idea as it increases our knowledge of technology as well as we feel we would get a better response. Below is a link to a youtube video that I created. It was edited on iMovie.

I only ended up filming one person in the end because of the lack of people who wanted to be filmed. The person i filmed was very positive regarding my video and didn't really have anything bad to say. He isn't in the targeted age group which means its more and more effective as it shows that our video is appropriate for older audiences as well as those targeted.

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