Friday, 9 March 2012

In what ways does your media product use, develop pr challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

When creating our music video we were inspired by many of the existing artists and their videos. One particular artist who inspired us more was Jayz . His 99 problems video inspired us to create a street themed video sticking to the aspect of lip sync rather than creating a narrative. The use of black and white in both our video and jayz' creates the more street look and diverts the attention to the performance rather than the colours of clothes and area.

Jayz- 99 problems

When watching other videos we got an understanding of the different shots that were acceptable within our genre. We included a lot of establishing shots in order to show the urban area and the situation of our video. We also used lots of closeups which was more risky regarding the lip-sync but overall created a more realistic performance. These closeups were used in JayZ 99 problems which added to the realism and 'amateur' style.

The pace of editing was very important. It was an extremely important thing for us, creators of a music video to keep up with this fast pace. If you look back at a previous post (Shot pace ) you can see the pace of the music videos that we looked at. i wrote these down so we are able to compare to this popular and effective videos.

In time we noticed our video was a lot shorter than those we looked at therefore we had less shots. Due to us wanted all of video lip synced to keep up with the redundant expectation we felt a narrative wasn't needed therefore was harder for us to have more shots than we had. I believe that we created a  video that was appropriate for our target audience, we did this by regularly checking with them via social networking sites when our video was bring edited. This allowed us to check we were on the right tracks and didn't waste any time.

The mise en scene was something we tried to make an important factor. We felt the mise en scene would either make our video realistic or very fake therefore trying to make it as real as possible meant we had a bigger advantage. The use of the Alleyways, Tight conformed areas and brick walls meant the location would be related to the genre and therefore allow the mise en scene to be more believable. The costume however was slightly different. Part of the costume is the dominant representation of rap artists, hoody and jeans. We wanted to have this because it meant people outside the target audience could still recognise the genre. We also chose to include a knitted jumper and jeans because this is slightly different and relates to the personality of our performer, something which we tried to portray throughout.

The main problem we had was that because we wanted our video to be recognisable through the genre of rap it made it difficult to think of ideas that were different and unrelated but still relating. When we pitched our idea there was lots of concerns regarding the simplicity of our video, and the fact it would be boring. We took this on board and tried to create a unique video but still keeping it known. Despite our final video being very redundant i think that the use of individual dancers and other performers add to the unique and adds a small part of entropy.

Our video is very similar to a real media product and if we had the professional equipment i believe that we could have created something better than the already existing videos out there. Our video looks very professional for a low budgeted video and i think this adds to the genre more. The simplicity of our video adds to the street theme and almost creates a brand for the rap genre.

With the donation being a young man standing in the middle of a town wearing a hoody and rapping. This fits the stereotypical idea of rappers. However the conation shows this stereotypical view is wrong. it shows him in various outfits, some that challenge the dominate representation. The lyrics suggest his opinions as he tries to communicate to people through his music. The I'm not concerned chorus suggest something may be up in his life that he has stop caring about. This deep connotation shows that the stereotypical view of 'young hoodies' being careless, angry, rude, malicious and generally a pain is challenged as we see a new side to these 'young hoodies'. This use of challenging the dominate representation of young hoody rappers allows us to play around with theorists such as Raymond Williams, who said there were three ideologies, emergent, dominant and residual.
Steve Neale on the other hand, suggesting that 'difference is absolutely essential to the economy of genre' We have challenged this quote because i believe that despite our redundant video we have interested the market and the target audience.

Overall i think our music video has a wide range of shots similar to those already used in existing media products, the lip-sync is up to standard, the fast pace of the video makes our more investing as there is not narrative to make the structure of the video. According to Andrew Goodwin's theorem are video classes as disjunctive because the images shown don't relate to what he is singing about. We do however have a couple of shots were the imagery matches the lyrics making part of it amplified. But there isn't enough of these shots that the video become boring and predictable.
All of these characteristics make up our music video and make it recognisable to the target audience allowing them to make up there final decisions and opinions.

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