Saturday, 10 March 2012

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For our coursework we created a digipak and advert. A package that was promoting our artist. It was important to make sure all of the promotional package, including the music video was related to our genre. If one of the parts didn't relate then it would make the rest very different and not very effective. I researched existing promotional packages ( e.g Eminem )so i could relate to them and be inspired for my own.

My package is coherent and the house style is black and white. This black and white effect has been constant throughout my package and has allowed them all to link. If the music video was shown alone, through this house style my other materials could be recognized. I used black and white in both my advert and digipak, but i also included some coloured text in order to make them stand out more and send an important message. I didn't think we needed any colour in the video because there was no text that needed to be added and i didn't like the idea of part of the video being in colour while the other isn't, as this would have sent off a different message than what we wanted to achieve.

In order to keep the house style accurate i made sure that my fonts and colours were the same throughout.

I used the font STENCIL for the titles and the main focus points. This font looked like the font you would find sprayed onto a graffiti wall which added to the urban idea and street feel. The font was slightly different on the inside panel (named : Mv Boli)  because I wanted to create the look as if he was saying it. I though it was appropriate to change the font so that it added something different to the pack. This font was then used on the smaller writing of copyright, (found on the CD and the bottom of the back panel). Throughout the promotional package the main colours used were: Black, Grey, Red and Yellow.

The black writing's CMYK on the advert was:

C= 75%

M= 68%

Y= 67%

K= 90%

The yellow writing's CMYK throughout was:

C= 9%

M= 3%

Y= 97%

K= 0%

The red writing's CMYK throughout was:

C= 0%

M= 99%

Y= 100%

K= 0%

The grey writing CMYK throughout was:

C= 56%

M= 43%

Y= 44%

K= 10%

In order to make sure all the pictures where the right shade, i changed the colouring via saturation so that i could be sure the level it was desaturated. This meant it was easy for me to make this coherent.
Despite my digipak being a little entropic (a man in a glass box) i think it still relates because of the scenery being an urban town. I wanted my digipak and advert to be more creative and entropic. The Eminem album cover of Recovery inspired me. His video also being set in the streets didn't involve him in a glass box in the centre of town. I thought this would work well. I made sure the same clothes were being worn however in order to make an resemblance. It would have been very difficult to create this idea on our music video at the low budget we had. If we had a bigger budget and more professional equipment/knowledge it would have been easier to produce. But i still think that my package relates in its own way.

I originally throughout of doing my package in the studio however we decided in the end when we were producing our music video that natural lighting would be best to show of our street themed. We thought it would have given off a different vibe if we had set up these power lights. All of my promotional package has natural lighting, which despite making it look low budgeted adds to the street theme and matches the darkness of rap music. However we decided to challenge this at the end of our music video by changing the brightness on the camera as we thought the extreme brightness matched the slow downed music towards the end. We thought it was a good ending to our final music video.

Overall  i believe i have created a coherent product that has a house style and even created a brand for our artist. I got very good feedback from my hand materials and even betters feedback from the video. I used the same shots of close ups and long shots in both my advert, digipak and video in order to make the package coherent, which was noticeable to the audience.

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